Deploy Pro Map Waypoints

Deploy Pro gives users the ability to set way points on a map that are shared with other users.  You set way points by tapping on the way point button and then tapping on the screen where you want it to appear.  This opens the way point dialog box.  Simply select the icon you wish to use, type in any description you want to attach, and hit save.  Your way point will appear on the screen in the desired location.  Other users simply need to hit refresh on their map for the icon to appear on their phone.

In the first version, there are 6 icon options to choose from:

  • Auto Accident (orange with car icon)
  • Command Location (black with star icon)
  • Fire (green with fire icon)
  • Miscellaneous (red with white x)
  • Power Line Down (yellow with lighting icon)
  • Victim Location (white with red cross)

Deploy Pro also allows users to delete way points when they are no longer needed.  Simply tap on an icon that you set and hit the delete button.  To keep the app operating at top performance, they will automatically be deleted in 72 hours if they are not deleted by the user.

First resonder app way points

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