Tracking App for First Responders,
CERT, K9 and SAR Teams


Updated 11/14/19
Relaunch is in final testing!



Track Team Members



    20 Shareable Map Markers



CERT Reference Guide



 Triage Counter, and more!

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Emergency Responder GPS locations

Locate each emergency responder on your team on a map with color coded pins. Coordinate Team activity, and watch your team’s movement across the deployment area.
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Set map waypoints on the fly, viewable by all team members

First responders can set way points by tapping the screen. Multiple styles of way points to choose from. Attach notes to your way point for other team members to view. Delete way points when no longer needed.
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What a great App! The price is on target and it works and looks great !

Best CERT App Around!

Must have app for CERT teams in the field! If you are a CERT team going to a call out, don’t leave without this essential tool!


Triage Victim Counter

Emergency management teams can keep track of victims with an easy to use counter. Send data to another team member via text or email.
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CERT reference guide

Information from initial G317 CERT training is displayed in an easy to use reference guide for use in the field. It includes first aid, fire suppression, hazmat placards, and more.
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Panic button alerts team members in case of an emergency

Alarm counts down to set off off siren alert as well as flash the phone’s camera light for audible and visual beacons.
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**** ENHANCEMENT **** Web Interface Added

In speaking with emergency management and CERT personnel across the country, it became clear that a web based system to access Deploy Pro from a PC, laptop, or tablet from back at command was highly desirable.  Well, you asked, and we listened.   From the...

A new emergency responder app for CERT teams and more.

Deploy Pro is a native iPhone and Android app designed to be used as a tool by emergency responders when deployed in the field.  Combined with feedback from various emergency management organizations, as well as my own experience with CERT, the app was built to help...

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