Whats new on Deploy Pro +

If you currently have an old version of Deploy Pro installed, be sure to uninstall the old version, before installing the new one to eliminate any glitches.

Deploy Pro + is an optional upgrade that teams can choose to subscribe to to take advantage of the new functionality. The only accounts that need to upgrade to Deploy Pro + is the team leader account.  The general team member will NOT need to upgrade.  They can continue using the app for free.  Once their team is created and they  join the team, the added functionality will be available on their app.

We are excited because this update builds private team functionality into the app that will allow for many more features in the future.

Team Privacy

Teams can be public or private. Privacy will only allow team members to see your team’s data and all teams are set as private by default.



Team admin can send out messages and requests to team members with reply capability to let team admin know how many are responding.

Team Leader Functions

Team Leaders will also be able to edit or delete any of their team members’ markers for better map management.


Teams will be able to add other teams as partners to coordinate and share their data during operational periods/indefinitely.  Users will be able to be a member of multiple teams and toggle between them within the app.

Web Dashboard

Introducing the new Team Manager.  Here you can manage your team members, partnerships with other teams, and send out alerts to team members.

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