Deploy Pro Volunteer Fund

Built by a CERT for CERT’s

To help support those that are supporting our communities, Deploy Pro donates a portion of proceeds of equipment and branded item sales through different sources. Each year, we will donate the grant fund broken up in to grant(s) of up to $500 to any volunteer not for profit organization that’s involved in emergency response. Multiple winners may be chosen depending on the value of the grant fund at the end of the year.  No purchase is required to enter.


Applications will be open until Februrary 7th, 2024. Only one application per team is requested. Winner(s) will be chosen at the end of the grant period with the grant amount not exceed $500 per grant. If there is more than $500 in the grant fund, then multiple teams will split the grant equally, with minimum grants of $250. No purchase is necessary to enter. Applicants do NOT have to be a CERT team, but you must be an organization that operates in a first responder/emergency response capacity, and 501c3 status is NOT required. The organization must be volunteer led. Being a Deploy Pro user or Deploy Pro + subscriber has no benefit on being selected for the grants. All applicants must be from the United States.

Thank you for all that you do.


Congratulations to Madison County CERT for winning the 2024 Volunteer Grant Fund!