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For all users, we only require your name, cell, and email address.  In the badge ID section, enter any badge # you have for your organization.  We also give you the ability, although not required, to enter some other personal information that other users will be able to view in case of an emergency, such as medical allergies and emergency contact information.  User pin colors can be used to designate specific teams (search 1, search 2, etc.)


The map refreshes your location every 5 minutes, so there may be a delay between your current location and your pin location on the map.  If you want to update your location sooner, closing and reopening the app once or twice will move your user pin to your location immediately.

Map Features:

map screenshotRed Button – Refresh map. Button must be pressed to update the map pins, markers, and weather.  It does not auto update to preserve battery life.

Green Button – Set markers

Black button – filter user pins or markers. You get additional filters with Deploy Pro +.

Yellow triangle – Alert button (see below)

By tapping on a user pin or marker, you can see additional information.  Tap the X to close.

Setting Map Markers

Click the green Set Marker button.  You’ll be asked to select one of the marker categories. Select the category you want from the menu, then select the appropriate icon and enter any related notes.  Hit Set Location,  You’ll be taken to a screen where you can set the marker location.  By default, it’s at your position, or you can move the map, or enter an address in the field at the top.  When you have the marker where you want it, hit Save Marker and the marker will be dropped at that location.

Triage Counter

Keep accurate track of the four categories of victims with this simple counter with resets and share functions.


Basic notepad with create, save, delete, and share capabilities.  Press and hold on a note to delete it.

Alert Button

After pressing the yellow triangle alert button, a 10-second countdown begins  (tapping on the screen cancels it.)  A countdown clock will tick, and then t will begin to emit a siren and flash your phone’s camera lightThe app will also change the user pin to a yellow triangle warning icon at your location and send out a push notification to everyone within ¼ mile of your user pin locationIf you cancel the alert within 10 seconds, it will cancel the notification.

Deploy Pro + Features

Deploy Pro + is an optional upgrade that your team can subscribe to take advantage of the advanced features.

Create a team

The first step is to create a team. Once you create a team, you can start using all the advanced features in Deploy Pro+. You can create one by signing up here.  https://deploypro.net/packages/. You’ll submit your team information and choose the payment plan you want. Once submitted, we will set up your team and assign you as a team leader.

  • Team leaders are unable to be members of another team.
  • Team Leaders will have new functions available to them under the Teams tab inside the app.
  • Team Leaders will also be able to log in to the Team Manager web dashboard here. https://team.deploypro.net/. You use your Deploy Pro login after your team is set up to get access.
  • For now, you can only have one team leader per team.

Inviting Team Members

You can invite team members by in one of two ways:

  • In the app, under the Teams>My Teams tab, click the + sign in the top right corner
  • In the Team Manager, in the members’ section, you can send them an invitation

Team Partnerships

A partnership is when two teams agree to share their user pins and markers. You can invite another team in one of two ways. It will send them an app notification and email to accept.

  • In the app, under the Teams>Partnerships tab, click the + sign in the top right corner.
  • In the Team Manager, in the Partnerships section, you can send an invitation

Manage Team and Partnership Invitations

  • In the app in the Invitations section, you can choose between join team requests when a team member asks to join and partnership requests. You can accept or deny them.
  • In the Team Manager team invitations and join requests are handled in the members’ tab, and partnership requests are managed in the partnerships tab.

Team Messaging

There are two types of messages you can send:

  • Message – Standard message that requires no response. The team Manager keeps a log of all the messages sent.
  • Request – This is a message that will ask a yes/no answer from the recipients. Be sure to end your message with a yes/no question. Deploy Pro will track the number of yes votes you get. The team Manager keeps a log of all the requests sent and responses.
  • Messages and Requests can both be sent from in the Team section of the app as well as in the Team Manager.

Team Privacy

Once a team is formed, you can set your privacy settings. This affects how others see your data, but does not affect how you see their pins.

  • Private – By default all teams are set to private. When private, no users other than your team members or members of teams you’re partnered with will be able to see your team’s user pins or markers. You can see your team and partner members and also see public users that are NOT on your team.
  • Public – You are able to be seen by everyone. You can see any user that is public. Any user not a member of a team is always public for security reasons.
  • Advanced Map Filters – You gain two additional map filters
    • My Team – shows only members of your team.
    • Partners – shows your team members and members of partner teams.
  • Advanced User Privacy – Users on a team will also have the ability to hide their contact information when someone clicks on their user pin. This is done in the profile tab. There is a new toggle at the top of the screen. This is only active for users that are on a team.

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